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1. Go to the Order Page on this website.
2. Choose your Buckfast Queens and the count you require.
3. Fill out the information form with your Name, Address and Email address and other details
4. If you want VAT exempt, enter VAT number in  message field
4. Choose your preferred method of payment:
5. Check that all information is correct and press the Finish Button.
6. Now you will receive an e-mail confirming your Order with an order ID and a link.
Congratulations! You are done!
Check the inbox in your email
Please inform us if you experience any error during the process using this email – Tonny.Tychsen@Ellumbiavl.dk
Your order will be processed and your Buckfast Queens will be shipped
A few days prior to shipment you will be notified about the coming shipment by email.
Customer guarantee
If we are unable to fulfill your demand we will refund your pre-payment.

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